Welcome to the project inquiry pages of Kevin Lossner – Traduções e Consultadoria, Unipessoal LDA.

Do you want the legal security of accurate, timely German to English certified translation for patent filings and litigation processes by an experienced technical expert with a full grasp of the science behind the invention and the languages in which it is expressed? Tired of Russian roulette with language brokers claiming comprehensive competence but with little understanding and no commitment to intellectual property and the needs to those who own and defend it? Come to me, and at every stage of the process, I'll have your back for research, filings, discovery and disputes where a full command of the relevant German sources and the requirements for your purpose are essential.

With four decades of experience in research, materials development and the use and translation of patents and related documentation as well as 15+ years of independent commercial experience in German to English legal translation for patents, contracts and litigation, I can help you to understand the issues clearly and accurately and give you the confidence that your team is backed by real translation competence.

You'll know who you are dealing with. Directly. Every time. No anonymous outsourcing and hit-or-miss results like one finds too often in the bulk market bog of translation. Let's get it right the first time. Together.

What I offer:

Experience: 40 years of translating German scientific, technical and legal documents to my native English, 15+ years of this as an independent commercial translator. Extensive work with the translation of patents and related documentation. Involvement in research and discovery processes, litigation filings, document triage and other processes.

Direct communication: Service requests are answered quickly and efficiently with realistic estimates and firm deadlines. Translations are provided in the desired document format as well as in special bilingual tables for review, commentary and discussion, with follow-up questions handled promptly and thoroughly. Special project glossaries are created where needed to facilitate review and consistency in written documentation.

Full value for cost: Accurate translations and summaries reflecting real technical and linguistic understanding and honed for your intended use. You get what you pay for, and I deliver it right the first time, when you need it.

Specialist fields: Chemistry and material science, medical devices, information technology. I have also done considerable work in other fields, including pharmaceuticals, renewable energies (wind and solar primarily), mechanical devices, electronics, weapons and slaughterhouse technology.

Quality assurance: I use specialized support technology for creating, managing and verifying the application of project glossaries to ensure the accuracy and consistency of translation work. All work is created and reviewed under full human control, without the use of deceptive and dangerous processes such as machine translation and with a focus on clear language and communication according to professional standards in the fields of law and intellectual property.

Secure data transfer: An encrypted server is available for uploading and receiving confidential documents and to provide you with secure, 24/7 access to translated texts, their sources and resources. You need not fear accidental misdirection or interception of sensitive information exposed in e-mail.

Let's be a team! Contact me for a service quotation to assist you.